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revision 6252: 657702ce1b30
parent 5545: 14841b6090f1
child 6371: b27c8b25f767
     1.1--- a/sys/games/lib/fortunes
     1.2+++ b/sys/games/lib/fortunes
     1.3@@ -5238,3 +5238,4 @@ Angular uses the term "scope" in a manne
     1.4 If you’re new to React (or frontend in general) you may find the ecosystem confusing.
     1.5 There are a lot of alternatives out there, and you’ll be tempted to evaluate lots of them, but my advice is to just stick with the most popular one.
     1.6 does that me a dipshit
     1.7+Subject: [oss-security] nvi denial of service