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revision 7237: 667b41a48d2f
parent 5057: 04e01e481c6a
     1.1--- a/sys/man/2/nusb
     1.2+++ b/sys/man/2/nusb
     1.3@@ -217,6 +217,14 @@ as an aid for the driver
     1.4 (which should know how to parse them and what to do with the information).
     1.5 .SS Configuration
     1.6 .PP
     1.7+.I Getdev
     1.8+is the primary entry point for device setup. It takes a
     1.9+numeric device address or device path which usually gets
    1.10+passed to drivers as a program argument and sets up the device,
    1.11+retuning a configured
    1.12+.B Dev
    1.13+representing the setup endpoint of the device.
    1.15 .I Opendev
    1.16 creates a
    1.17 .B Dev
    1.18@@ -225,7 +233,7 @@ for the endpoint with directory
    1.19 Usually, the endpoint is a setup endpoint representing a device. The endpoint
    1.20 control file is open, but the data file is not. The USB description is void.
    1.21 In most cases drivers call
    1.22-.I startdevs
    1.23+.I getdev
    1.24 and
    1.25 .I openep
    1.26 and do not call this function directly.
    1.27@@ -236,6 +244,9 @@ loads and parses its configuration infor
    1.28 After calling it, the device is ready for I/O and the USB description in
    1.29 .B Dev.usb
    1.30 is valid.
    1.31+In most cases drivers call
    1.32+.I getdev
    1.33+and do not call this function directly.
    1.34 .PP
    1.35 Control requests for an endpoint may be written by calling
    1.36 .I devctl