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     1.1--- a/sys/man/1/forp
     1.2+++ b/sys/man/1/forp
     1.3@@ -89,8 +89,9 @@ Expressions can be formed just as in C, 
     1.4 The valid operators are listed below, in decreasing precedence. Note that logical operations treat all non-zero values as 1, whereas bitwise operators operate on all bits independently.
     1.5 .TP "\w'\fL<\fR, \fL<=\fR, \fL>\fR, \fL>=\fR  'u"
     1.6 \fL[]\fR
     1.7-Array indexing. The syntax is \fIvar\fL[\fIidx\fL:\fIn\fR] to address \fIn\fR bits with the least-significant bit at \fIidx\fR.
     1.8-Omiting \fL:\fIn\fR addresses a single bit.
     1.9+Array indexing. The syntax is \fIvar\fL[\fIa\fL:\fIb\fR], with \fIa\fR denoting the MSB and \fIb\fR denoting the LSB.
    1.10+Omiting \fL:\fIb\fR addresses a single bit.
    1.11+The result is always treated as unsigned.
    1.12 .TP
    1.13 \fL!\fR, \fL~\fR, \fL+\fR, \fL-\fR
    1.14 (Unary operators) Logical and bitwise "not", unary plus (no-op), arithmetic negation. Because of promotion, \fL~\fR and \fL-\fR operate beyond the width of variables.