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changeset 4350: 1f9d7811d546
parent: 49c99161cb02
child: 0dbb01291c38
date: Mon, 16 Mar 2015 05:46:08 +0100
permissions: -rwxr-xr-x
description: kernel: get rid of auxpage() and preserve cache index bits in in mount cache

the mount cache uses to store cached range offset and
limit, but mips kernel uses cache index bits from to
maintain page coloring. was not initialized by auxpage().

this change removes auxpage() which was primarily used only
by the mount cache and use newpage() with cache file offset
page as va so we will get a page of the right color.

mount cache keeps the index bits intact by only using the top
and buttom PGSHIFT bits of for the range offset/limit.
1 #!/bin/rc
3 PROMPT='[^ ]*(%|;)+[ ]+'
5 _x = `{" $* | tail -1}
6 if(~ $#_x 0) {
7  echo no such command found
8  exit notfound
9 }
11 echo ' ' $_x
12 _x=`{ echo -n 'eval '; echo $_x | sed 's/^'$PROMPT'//'}
13 rc -c $"_x