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changeset 7241: 4b6277dd0535
parent: ac741c84e013
date: Fri, 17 May 2019 01:51:28 +0200
permissions: -rw-r--r--
description: mkone: fix man target (thanks Amavect)

Amavect wrote:
> mkone and mkmany have backwards targets for installing man pages.
> This patch makes 'mk man' actually work for mkfiles that include mkone.
> mkmany is not easily fixed without breaking changes.
> It may go without saying that external repos should write their own mkfiles.
1 nusb/kb
2  csp=0x010103
3  csp=0x020103
5 nusb/disk
6  class=8
8 nusb/serial
9  vid=0x9e88 did=0x9e8f