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changeset 7235: b1dc95374307
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date: Mon, 13 May 2019 19:20:21 +0200
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description: bcm64: implement reboot support
1 This has always annoyed me.
2 If you tell me what the code should be I'll fix it.
3 I don't really understand what the problem is.
4 It was a failure of vision.
5 My apologies.
6 If you want to build your own, you've got all the pieces. :)
7 It's your call.
8 enjoy.
9 Yes, with a caveat.
10 No.
11 What were you doing when it crashed?
12 IBM wasn't thinking much about the future when they set up the VGA registers.
13 Thanks for the fix.
14 vga is a very hard problem.
15 I don't agree about the x86.
16 Hmm. Not exactly what I had in mind.
17 We haven't been making the common distinction between stable and "unstable" versions of the software.
18 Put things in the right place to begin with.
19 in my mind wheel mice don't count.
20 i've been hoarding real three-button mice for a while now; the end is near.
21 I wrote a simple client long ago that I could dig up.
22 please, do us all a favor and write a better one.
23 i've tried mothra and charon, and neither satisfies me.
24 That's fine for now.
25 Have fun.
26 eww.
27 This is getting more off topic by the day.
28 It is possible to write very clear code that really doesn't need comments nor "literate" interpretation.
29 it looks like an error from hotmail, not from plan 9.
30 we're stuck with ssh, but let's not delude ourselves into thinking it's a good protocol.
31 Aha.
32 I might not understand the question.
33 Sorry about not being more specific.
34 Actually that's the way it's supposed to work.
35 that was me.
36 if you're going to do something about it, great.
37 I think.
38 Some extra work is required.
39 that's a bigger job than you might think.
40 We can fix the code, probably.
41 This is misleading.
42 it took me just as long to install the windows software as it did to write the plan 9 software.
43 All things being equal, maybe I'd like there to be more Plan 9 users.
44 Sorry, I don't think there's much we can do.
45 The bikeshed has already been painted, and the painter has gone.
46 Being stuck using Solaris makes being stuck using Linux look like a birthday party.
47 also, plan9front claims to include a working go compiler. what did they do?
48 I don't think we'd scale to a thousand nodes very well.
49 Buh?
50 Feature lists are great, but don't forget that there's always an implementation cost.
51 Sorry, no luck.
52 Now, now, be fair.
53 I wish...
54 We tried that.
55 Dude, wake up!
56 Looks like a bug to me.
57 You think Windows runs in polynomial time?
58 Also, backups are good.
59 if you want something in particular, you could always port it.
60 Suppose you subscribe to the Kernighan & Plauger thesis that programs should be clear.
62 Even if we'd made a horrible mistake, though, we cannot change it now as that would break the compatibility promise we have made with Go 1.
63 Your source is mistaken.
64 This sounds like an intriguing and fun way to structure a program.
65 Chording works too: or example, copy is hold down mouse button, highlight, type option, type command, let go of mouse button.
66 Very nice.
67 looks fine.
68 Thanks, but I'd prefer not to do this.
69 Interesting, thanks.
70 Ouch
71 Please don't.
72 Test?
73 sure
74 NOT LGTM sorry
75 i lost the ability to use rio a few years ago when they moved wireless configuration into the gnome window manager, making it impossible to have rio and a network connection at the same time.
76 I think we all just use Chrome or Firefox or whatever.
77 I think we're done here.
78 I think you have to drag it into the Applications folder.
79 I ran Plan 9 from Bell Labs as my day to day work environment until around 2002.
80 Let's focus on what's there.
81 If the Plan 9 group had had its way, Plan 9 would have been released for free under a trivial MIT-like license (the one used for other pieces of code, like the one true awk) in 2003 instead of creating the Lucent Public License. Or in 2000 instead of creating the "Plan 9 License". Or in 1995 instead of as a $350 book+CD that came with a license for use by an entire "organization". Or in 1992 instead of being a limited academic release.
82 Code freeze on March 1 does not mean "break everything the day before March 1".
83 Godoc is a relatively small program. It is built from 102 packages built from 582 source files.
84 does anyone understand why the dragonfly builder times out connecting to localhost during run.bash?
85 We've entered the feature freeze.
86 We're far from stable right now.
87 it would be nice to be able to try the plan 9 go port without a plan 9 system.
88 is anyone willing to put together a plan 9 qemu image with mercurial set up and a go tree checked out and ready to build?
89 okay.
90 sounds worth trying
91 I'd like to keep the discussion here about Windows 2000 support in general and not about the technical details of this specific problem.
92 But that is just a guess.
93 RFC 3339 is very clear about this.
94 Thanks.
95 It is just not worth the effort.
96 Hello there. Has anyone written a vt100 emulator for Plan9? Thanks.
97 Much better to spend time reading and learning from the code than blogging about what's wrong with the local variable names.
98 I would prefer to arrange that the output is useful.
99 Nice.
100 No one googles local variable names.
101 This is not a step forward.
102 the opposite of brevity is length, not clarity.
103 Impressive.
104 Great.
105 Does this happen to anyone else?
106 has anyone written an smb client for plan 9?
107 has anyone written a mac hfs file system srv?
108 has anyone added midi support to devaudio?
109 Comments, suggestions welcome.
110 never mind then.
111 Great bug, thanks.
112 I replied on golang-nuts.
113 There is no issue here.
114 I'm not sure if this distinction is a valid one.
115 I'd rather not.
116 Oops.
117 Not that I have any real definitive answer, but I can hazard a guess...
118 That makes sense.
119 I don't remember seeing that happen ever before.
120 i don't look at build failures at all anymore because they are all false positives.
121 Grumble grumble.
122 I don't remember the last time I saw a sam-fans message.
123 I'll fix it.
124 working as intended; please don't file an issue.
125 sure
126 I would love it if someone would create a well-tested emacs Go module.
127 Honestly it sounds like you have not written any Go programs.
128 I'm not convinced this needs to be in the standard library.
129 I haven't thought about it yet.
130 Don't do that.
131 Don't overthink this.
132 I don't know what you are arguing for or against.
133 We understand your point of view.
134 Thanks for letting us know.
135 It happened.
136 i do not want to support a linux/amd64p32 port right now.
137 No. I've answered this before.
138 If this isn't solved soon I think we should turn off commit access for everyone.
139 Very small changes can still contain very large bugs.
140 I don't intend to try to fix rc.
141 That's fine.
142 This is a serious mistake.
143 I am going to be away for the rest of the week.
144 At the risk of sounding pedantic, package url is not an http server.
145 don't worry about it.
146 You can't make everything faster all the time.
147 Thanks.
148 Please just wait.
149 I haven't logged into a real Plan 9 system in many years
150 I did not promise it was going to happen.
151 Please don't.
152 no.
153 I just did
154 The docs are incorrect.
155 Where you see a hack I see an elegant design.
156 For now you just have to fight the temptation.
157 Just for comparison, godoc is 16 MB on my laptop.
158 In general, for me, the answer to whether there is a problem depends on how complex the solutions are.
159 what's going on with freebsd-386, plan9-386, and plan9-amd64?
160 All our arm builders seem to have disappeared.
161 Please stop.
162 what's going on with freebsd-386, plan9-386, and plan9-amd64?
163 All our arm builders seem to have disappeared.
164 Please stop.
165 Yes, it is intentional.
166 No, please do NOT do this.
167 Why does say 'Error: no commits'?
168 You're designing a tool. Stop.
169 Let's start with a wiki page.
170 This is almost certainly noise.
171 It's done; move on.
172 Thanks but no thanks.
173 I filed the bug that change fixed.
174 I will fix this.
175 It sounds reasonable to me.
176 Thanks for your patience.
177 LGTM (not actually looking carefully)
178 I'd like to disable more than just the test.
179 is in the process of moving to the cloud.
180 Yes, there have been many ad-hoc solutions.
181 Sure.
182 That's fun.
183 I want to echo what Rob said.
184 It's just a mistake.
185 Yes, absolutely. I agree with you 100%.
186 This scenario is definitely confusing.
187 It's 2015. Why do terminal programs interpret 1970s escape codes instead of html? You'd think by now 'echo <b>bold</b>' would work.
188 What happened to
189 I think I'm missing something.
190 The outline below is my attempt at a skeleton for a streamlined version of the proposal proposal.
191 I'm not trying to write the last word.
192 I'm sorry, but I disagree.
193 Nice debugging.
194 I'm sorry but I don't exactly understand.
195 Do you have evidence that this is important and that your change would help?
196 We're still struggling with this. My apologies.
197 All the CLs are reviewed, right?
198 Let's move on.
199 Sorry, but it's too late.
200 If I had more free time I would port C++ and Java to Plan 9 just to annoy you.
201 Honestly, it looks like a compiler bug.
202 I do understand that many people are confused.
203 Let's write tutorials and improve diagnostics.
204 Thank you for writing a 3rd party tool.
205 It's true that there are no plans yet, but I think it's also true that we need to start planning.
206 Yes, that's confusing.
207 Please do not spend time on this.
208 Maybe this is true, but I haven't seen it.
209 The fundamental design question here is whether the benefit outweighs the complexity being added.
210 Enough with the religion. Please.
211 It should just work.
212 Sorry for not replying earlier. I don't really know.
213 Great.
214 This seems OK.
215 Let's take our time and do it right (whatever that is).
216 Really we're just behind on triaging bugs.
217 I'll dig the code up and post it somewhere. I never made it truly usable.
218 Will follow up off list.
219 Wait a second.
220 I think it's always been this way.
221 I would wait until there's a more established pattern of a problem before introducing additional mechanisms.
222 How easily can you write a test?
223 We broke the rule, and we shouldn't have. Our bad.
224 ML is indeed a fantastic language for writing compilers.
225 We can't keep the code running indefinitely.
226 Have you filed a bug about this?
227 Thanks for letting us know.
228 Why?
229 I'm sorry you are insulted and distressed by this.
230 +golang-nuts bcc golang-dev
231 This looks pretty O(N^2) to me
232 If you want to discuss that proposal, please do it on the Reddit post, not here.
233 You said you were going to write some benchmarks.
234 Is anyone else having a hard time getting through all.bash on Sierra?
235 Please don't.
236 You are speaking like a compiler author instead of a user.
237 Just make sure to use an identifying User-Agent line when you make requests from your back end.
238 I don't want ordinary users to be making choices about "how much debug info is enough".
239 Thanks for letting us know.
240 This doesn't seem worthwhile.
241 It only works when we're in the process of preparing a release.
242 Yes, and we need to fix that.
243 Sorry, but no.
244 It's been two hours since that fix landed.
245 I needed that last week.
246 I have a new blog post you might be interested in.
247 Ever since I wrote “go get,” we on the core Go team hoped the community would take care of dependency management.