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Mercurial > hg > plan9front / changeset: plan9.ini(8): 9boot(8) is not a DOS program, remove outdated BUGS section

changeset 6245: 6153167c7bd4
parent 6244: 7cdbac004f34
child 6246: 897d5d802e50
date: Sun, 03 Dec 2017 19:23:55 +0100
files: sys/man/8/plan9.ini
description: plan9.ini(8): 9boot(8) is not a DOS program, remove outdated BUGS section
     1.1--- a/sys/man/8/plan9.ini
     1.2+++ b/sys/man/8/plan9.ini
     1.3@@ -4,10 +4,10 @@ plan9.ini \- configuration file for PCs
     1.4 .SH SYNOPSIS
     1.5 .I none
     1.7-When booting Plan 9 on a PC, the DOS program
     1.8+When booting Plan 9 on a PC, the bootloader program
     1.9 .IR 9boot (8)
    1.10-first reads a DOS file
    1.11-containing configuration information from the boot disk.
    1.12+first reads configuration information from a file
    1.13+on the boot media.
    1.14 This file,
    1.15 .BR plan9.ini ,
    1.16 looks like a shell script containing lines of the form
    1.17@@ -956,17 +956,3 @@ bootfile=/386/9pc
    1.18 .IR 9boot (8),
    1.19 .IR booting (8),
    1.20 .IR boot (8)
    1.21-.SH BUGS
    1.22-Being able to set the console device to other than a
    1.23-display is marginally useful on file servers; MS-DOS
    1.24-and the programs which run under it are so tightly bound
    1.25-to the display that it is necessary to have a display if any
    1.26-setup or reconfiguration programs need to be run.
    1.27-Also, the delay before any messages appear at boot time
    1.28-is disconcerting, as any error messages from the BIOS
    1.29-are lost.
    1.31-The declaration of a kernel parameter which is a prefix of
    1.32-previously declared parameters will delete the previous
    1.33-ones. If this is not desired, parameters should be given
    1.34-in shortest to longest order.