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     1.1--- a/README	Mon Aug 20 18:02:46 2007 +0200
     1.2+++ b/README	Mon Aug 20 18:13:52 2007 +0200
     1.3@@ -1,6 +1,12 @@
     1.4+this is the result of the "ventivac" google summer of code project for
     1.5+the "plan 9 from bell labs/inferno" software project, as described at:
    1.10 vacfs, vacget and vacput (and the vac library of course), are now in
    1.11-the inferno-os subversion distribution.  this hg repository will still
    1.12-be updated and contain the latest code for testing.
    1.13+the inferno-os subversion distribution.  this hg repository contains
    1.14+the latest versions of the code for testing.
    1.16 ventisrv and vcache are not in inferno-os svn, only in this repository.
    1.17 this repository now also includes a copy of the venti library and manual
    1.18@@ -20,9 +26,14 @@
    1.19 the programs that are installed by the mkfiles all have manual pages.
    1.20 except for appl/lib/venti.b and man/2/venti (which are originally from
    1.21 inferno-os svn but have been modified slightly), the files in this
    1.22-repository are under a standard MIT-licence as recommended for all plan
    1.23+repository are under the standard MIT-licence as recommended for all plan
    1.24 9 google summer of code projects.
    1.26+progress reports have been made during the project, and will be kept up
    1.27+to date with the latest changes at:
    1.31 the mercurial repository will be used for future changes, it can be
    1.32 found at: