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changeset 620: 4b00485ac6f7
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author: Uriel <>
date: Sun, 21 Mar 2010 16:31:46 +0000
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description: Add a couple of missing files from the site and other minnor doc changes.
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 Werc Development
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 The latest dev code is available in the werc-dev hg repo:
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 Release Numbering
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 Releases with an od 'dot-number' (eg., 1.1.x) are development releases, they are hosted in the `werc-dev` hg repo.
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 Releases with an even 'dot-number' (eg., 1.2.x) are stable releases, only receive bug fixes, they are hosted in the `werc` hg repo.
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 Major non-backwards compatible changes are only made in major release numbers (eg., 2.0).
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 But reports, feature requests, bug fixes and other patches are all very welcome, just send them to the [werc9 mailing list](
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 See Also
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 * The [Roadmap](roadmap).
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 * [TODO](todo) list.