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     1.2+++ b/sites/	Fri Jun 11 04:28:22 2010 +0000
     1.3@@ -1,6 +1,13 @@
     1.4-Plans and ideas for the future
     1.5+Plans and Ideas for the Future
     1.6 ==============================
     1.8+This page lists various assorted ideas and features that have been proposed at
     1.9+some point or another, nothing (except fixing the listed bugs) is assured to be
    1.10+implemented, many things here might turn out to be bad ideas.
    1.15 * Review ideas from: and and see if we can do better.
    1.16 * Canonize and redirect all requests, we already do this for things like missing or trailing /, should do the same for /. and /./, etc. Deleting trailing . and , should make pasted urls in emails work as links (**Mostly done in RC1**)
    1.17 * Blog:
    1.18@@ -12,13 +19,14 @@
    1.19 * Layout improvements:
    1.20 	* Need to find a way to rig the order of items in the sidebar.
    1.21 	* Right sidebar.
    1.22+    * Top+left/right nav vars (breadcrumbs at the top, current dir listing on the side)
    1.23 	* Make it easier to disable all sidebars and headers/footers, eg., for full screen mode.
    1.24 	* More testing and optimizations for mobile browsers, eg., Left sidebar had some minor issues in cellphones at some point.
    1.25-* Better page titles (include whole path hierarchy?)
    1.26+* Better page titles (include whole path hierarchy?) (**Partially done, is it good enough now?**)
    1.27 * Allow utf-8 characters in path elements (need to make sure this is safe, and not sure how useful it will be)
    1.28 * General code:
    1.29-	* Write a regression test suite
    1.30-	* Replace all references to non p9p/p9 programs (done?)
    1.31+	* Write a regression test suite. (*Started*)
    1.32+	* Replace all references to non p9p/p9 programs (*Done?*)
    1.33 	* Document better the 'API' for sub-apps, both a set of environment vars apps can rely on (and in some cases set) and functions they can call (WIP).
    1.34 * Better generation of descriptive HTML META tags, eg.,: {META name="description" content="This is the Google Summer of Code blog for Plan9 and Inferno projects."} {META name="keywords" content="google, summer of code, inferno, plan9, programming"}
    1.35 * Should add werc to certain wikipedia lists:
    1.36@@ -28,13 +36,13 @@
    1.37 * Mathematic pseudo-CAPTCHA ala WP's 'Math Comment Spam Protection Plugin'.
    1.40-Future plans
    1.42+Future Plansi and Blue Sky
    1.45-* Wanted apps:
    1.46+* Wanted [apps](/apps/):
    1.47 	* Tagging, eg., append to _werc/tags
    1.48 	* Related links sidebar generation.
    1.49-	* Bug/issue tracking app.
    1.50+	* [Bug/issue tracking app](/apps/gregor/).
    1.51 	* Hg/git repository browser.
    1.52 	* Implement AtomPub.
    1.54@@ -42,7 +50,7 @@
    1.55 * A way to wrap external cgi applications (eg., existing hg/git browser)
    1.56 * A way to generate static sites (ie., use werc as an offline  templating system)
    1.57 * [9P]( interface.
    1.58-* New (simplified) markdown implementation, ideally in C or awk (maybe smu/libsmu by gottox?):
    1.59+* New (simplified) markdown implementation, ideally in C or awk (maybe smu/libsmu by gottox?), yiyus great md2html.awk is a great start!
    1.60   * Simplified
    1.61   * Tables
    1.62   * Images
    1.63@@ -50,9 +58,18 @@
    1.64   * No inline html
    1.67-Known bugs
    1.68+Known Bugs
    1.69 ----------
    1.71+* It seems that certain chars are not propely encoded in cookies, possibly broken chars: :&%[+ Fix should go in cgilib.rc^set_cookie (Have to figure out the proper way to scape cookie strings first)
    1.72+* If a dir under apps/ doesn't contain an app.rc file, werc fails to start. A possible fix would be to replace $werc_apps default with `apps/*/app.rc` instead of `apps/*/`, this would be backwards incompatible, but I doubt anyone uses that option.
    1.73+* Links in Blagh feeds become confused if markdown 'references' are used, markdown references suck, but I guess we need to address this somehow... 
    1.74+* Somewhat similarly to the abouve, relative urls in imgs, links, etc. can easily break when used in Blagh posts, so it is not all markdown's fault.
    1.77+Fixed or WFM Bugs
    1.80 * Sitemap can handle $dirfilter inconsistently from other places (**fixed**).
    1.81 * Finding directories that are inaccessible (-rx) can generate an infinite loop (**Works for me? Fixed with new menu code?**)
    1.82 * Some bits still left over here and there, should make them configurable (1.0 blocker) (**fixed**?)