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author: Uriel <>
date: Sun, 30 May 2010 18:04:04 +0000
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description: Replace '_' in paths in werc's docs section with '-', and set up apropriate redirects to avoid broken links.
1 Setting Up Your HTTP Server to Run Werc
2 =======================================
5 Werc should work with any web server that supports the CGI interface, and a few
6 that don't. Here are collected instructions and sample configurations for some
7 of the most popular HTTP servers that people has used with werc.
9 In general setup consists of mapping all paths for a virtual host to the
10 werc.rc script, usually in practice this means that the `document root` (or
11 similar concept) for a virtual host is mapped to
12 `/path/to/werc/sites/`, and if no static file matches the
13 request, control is handed to werc.rc, this allows the HTTP server to handle
14 static files and werc to handle everything else (note that such a setup will
15 expose your `_werc/config` files, which usually should not be a security
16 issue).