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author: Uriel <>
date: Tue, 28 Jun 2011 01:50:24 +0000
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description: Documentation updates:
- Try to explain better that werc expects Plan 9 tools in /usr/local/plan9/bin/
- Note possible bug.
- Other small doc changes.
1 werc - a minimalist document management system
2 ----------------------------------------------
4 Werc is a content management system and web (anti-)framework designed to be simple to
5 use, simple to setup, simple to hack on, and not get on the way while allowing
6 users easy customization.
8 For more information see the official website:
11 Installation
12 ------------
14 Requirements:
16 * An http server that can handle CGIs
17 * Plan 9 from User Space: - Or 9base-5 or later:
19 Note: Werc by default expects the Plan 9 tools to be installed under
20 /usr/local/plan9/bin/, if you have installed them elsewhere you will need to
21 edit the #! line in bin/werc.rc and customize the $plan9port variable in your
22 etc/initrc.local.
25 Instructions:
27 Untar werc at your desired location, configure httpd to use
28 /path-to-your-werc-installation/bin/werc.rc as a cgi-script, it is recommended
29 that you make werc.rc handle all non-static files (this can be done by setting
30 it up as your 404 handler) and setup your virtual hosts to handle static files
31 by setting the document root for the domain to
32 /path-to-werc-installation/sites/, and create a directory for
33 your web site under sites/ where you can start adding content right away.
35 If you will want to allow updates via the web interface (eg., for wiki or
36 comments apps) make sure all files under sites/ are writable by the user your
37 cgi will run as, usually www-data, for example by doing: chown -R :www-data
38 sites/; chmod -R g+w sites/
40 If your Plan 9 from User Space installation is located somewhere else than the
41 standard /usr/local/plan9/ you will need to edit the first line of bin/werc.rc
42 (Note that p9p is picky about where it is located, once you run ./INSTALL you
43 should *not* move it to a different directory without running ./INSTALL again.)
45 For general configuration options copy etc/initrc to etc/initrc.local and
46 customize it as needed. Site (and directory) specific options can be set in a
47 sites/ file inside the site's directory. To customize
48 templates and included files you can store your own version of the files in
49 lib/ under sites/
51 The source tree for the werc website is included under sites/ as
52 an example, feel free to use it as a template for your own site.
54 For more details see the documentation section of the website:
58 Contact
59 -------
61 For comments, suggestions, bug reports or patches join the werc9 list in
62 google groups: or the irc channel #plan9
63 in
65 If you have a public website that uses werc I would love to hear about it and
66 get feedback about you experience setting it up.
68 If you want to be notified of new releases see the News section of the website
69 or use Freshmeat:
71 Thanks
72 ------
74 Garbeam, Kris Maglione, sqweek, soul9, mycroftiv, maht, yiyus and many others
75 for their ideas, patches, testing and other contributions.
78 License
79 -------
81 Werc is in the public domain.