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date: Tue, 20 Jan 2009 08:24:36 +0100
files: sites/
description: More updates to new werc site.
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     1.2+++ b/sites/	Tue Jan 20 08:24:36 2009 +0100
     1.3@@ -1,8 +1,41 @@
     1.4+werc - A sane web framework
     1.7 Werc is a minimalist web framework built on the Unix and Plan 9 *tool philosophy* of software design.
     1.9+Werc avoids the pain of managing collections of websites and developing web applications.
    1.11 * Database free, uses files and directories instead.
    1.12-* Written using the rc shell, leveraging the standard unix/plan9 command toolkit.
    1.13-* Minimize tedious work: avoid having to write HTML, can use markdown instead.
    1.14-* Very minimalist yet extensible codebase: 150 lines of code highly functional core, with extra functionality in modular apps.
    1.15+* Written using the rc shell, leveraging the standard Unix/Plan 9 command toolkit.
    1.16+* Minimize tedious work: eg., no need to ever write HTML, use markdown (or any other format) instead.
    1.17+* Very minimalist yet extensible codebase: highly functional core is 150 lines, with extra functionality in modular apps.
    1.23+Here are some of the features provided by werc:
    1.25+* Good integration with pre-existing content, you can add HTML or plain text files and they will be seamlessly integrated with the site.
    1.26+* You can use your favorite tools (text editor, file manager, etc) to edit and manage data stored in werc.
    1.27+* Designed to manage any number of 'virtual' domains that share a common style, layout, etc from a single werc installation.
    1.28+* Configuration and customization can be at at any level: global, per-domain-group, domain-wide, directory sub-tree, and single file.
    1.29+* Can trivially run multiple (customized) versions of werc side by side.
    1.30+* Very simple and flexible user management and permissions system.
    1.31+* Applications can be easily combined: eg., add comments to your blog or wiki by enabling the 'bridge' app; or by enabling the 'diridir' wiki convert any document tree into a wiki.
    1.32+* Can easily write werc 'apps' and extensions in *any* language! (But of course, rc is recommended).
    1.34+Install Requirements
    1.37+All you need is some Plan 9 commands (cat, grep, sed, rc, etc.), and an HTTP
    1.38+server with CGI support.
    1.40+Werc runs on any Unix-like system where [Plan 9 from User Space](
    1.41+is available (this includes Linux, *BSD, OS X and Solaris), and on Plan 9.
    1.43+Werc can use any HTTP server that can handle CGI, and has been tested with at
    1.44+least Apache, Lighttpd, Cherokee, nhttpd, Hiawatha, and others.
    1.46+Werc uses markdown by default (and the standard Perl markdown is included with the distribution), to format documents, but any other formatting
    1.47+system can be used.